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7 Hills of Edinburgh in One Day

For the ones who do not fully understand the meaning of the seven hills of Edinburgh, it’s worth to start with a short introduction – geographically Edinburgh is located in the ring of 7 volcanic hills.

These include Castle Rock, Corstorphine Hill, Craiglockhart Hill, Braid Hill, Blackford Hill, Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill. Surrounded by the hills, the city creates extraordinary conditions for a beautiful journey.

Due to the fact that I love Edinburgh, I decided to set off on an extraordinary journey with 7 Hills of Edinburgh Tours climbing the peaks of these seven fantastic hills and believe me, and it was worth it!  

Oh and I have to mention that my journey was beautiful, pleasant, a bit physically demanding yet calm? However for those who like to race, there is a great running event every year in Edinburgh, which is a combination of hill-running, road-running, cross-country and elements that require proper orientation in the city.

Edinburgh has something for everyone whether it’s a pleasurable day trip to the hills or a wild race.

The uniqueness of tour

First of all, this is one of its kind tour in Edinburgh. As far as I’m concerned, only 7 Hills Tours organises such tour of the seven hills of Edinburgh and I think it’s a fantastic idea.

The combination of enjoyable physical activity with sightseeing and spectacular views makes this tour a unique experience.

Frankly, I can call this tour a great journey to the great hills with great views.

It was an incredible feeling to rise above the city admiring its beautiful panorama. The panoramic view of the town, the sea, the hills and the valleys creates a fairytale scenery.

After all the effort of walking on the hills and seeing the beautiful views, a part of the trip is also delicious scones and a hot drink in one of the best hotels in Edinburgh. Doesn’t this make this whole trip unique and worth every effort?

Friendly and knowedgable tour guide

The first thing that enchanted me from the very moment I met the whole group at the meeting point was the remarkable Dr Moray Grigor, who delighted me with his passion, involvement and love for Edinburgh.

He is a very open, warm and friendly person and found the time to talk to each participant of the tour and created a lovely family atmosphere.

From what I managed to determine, Moray is a trained doctor and has worked both domestically and abroad. He was born in Edinburgh which can explain his passion for this place. His extraordinary knowledge of Edinburgh’s history and heritage cannot be omitted. To make his dreams and ambitions come true. He founded 7 Hills Tour and provided people with a unique experience of Edinburgh.

I didn’t expect to get to know such a fabulous guide, just as I didn’t expect that you can visit so many extraordinary places in one day. Honestly, I thought that the whole trip would take an entire day, but that was not the case.

It took between 5 and 20 minutes to climb each of the hills, and it was fascinating. Even though everything was happening quite quickly, I did not feel rushed or on the run. Everything was so natural. There was time for rest, conversation, taking pictures and climbing. It was all perfectly calculated and organised.

My experience

In order to give you an overview of the whole tour, I will try to summarise it briefly. So the journey started around 8.30 a.m. on a bright morning just below the spectacular Castle Rock, where the famous Edinburgh Castle is located.

I met the rest of the group of 8 people there, so it was quite easy to remember all the names. The guide Moray quickly attracted us into a fantastic story about Castle Rock, from which we learned how it and the rest of the hills were created. It was a nice warm-up, and then we went by luxury vehicle to the next stop, which was Corstorphine Hill.

Travelling from hill to hill, we climbed up to each hill, and at the top, we always had a pleasant surprise awaiting us, made up of spectacular views. We were able to take many fantastic photos and listen to the exciting stories presented by our guide.

I really liked the fact that while moving around the city from one hill to another, Moray provided us with a lot of information about the history and culture of Edinburgh. He talked about topics as diverse as Robert Louis Stevenson, golf, World War I poets, coffee, Oscar Wilde, astronomy, Celtic religion, Mary Queen of Scots or Napoleonic Wars. All of which was hard to remember, there were so many exciting things to learn! However, we listened to it all with great joy.

I adore to listen when someone is telling such an exciting stories, so this whole trip was the perfect way for me to spend the time actively. I felt as if this tour had been prepared especially for me!

On every hill, I was captivated by the fact that in the distance you can see beautiful places like the hills of Fife, Trossachs, Pentland Hills, Firth of Forth and North Berwick Law.

Viewing Edinburgh under so many different angles has enchanted and fascinated me. I’ve always considered this city beautiful, but now it impresses me even more with its beauty and uniqueness. Nature has created an incredibly beautiful face of Scotland, and the seven hills that surround Edinburgh are a perfect example of this.

Not many Edinburgh residents are said to have climbed all seven hills, so at the end of the tour I was feeling delighted and as if I was, in a sense, a pioneer of the extraordinary views of this superb city.

I saw Edinburgh from a completely different perspective, and I sincerely recommend this experience to everyone.  

Helpful tips

Finally, I would like to give you some helpful tips for a tour of the seven hills of Edinburgh. So, remember to:

  • take your water bottle, an energetic snack and an open mind
  • check the weather the day before the tour to get dressed appropriately, you have to remember about comfortable waterproof boots and maybe a waterproof jacket with a hood (Moray provide Nordic Walking poles)
  • you don’t have to be in superb fitness to climb all 6 hills, Arthur’s Seat is optional, although it’s not as difficult as it might appear at first and takes up to 20 minutes

Climbing the seven hills of Edinburgh was an extraordinary experience for me. Beautiful views and optimal physical activity plus a delicious coffee, tea, scone and cream in the middle the tour created an atmosphere that I will keep in my memory for a long time.

It’s fantastic that people with passion such as the founder of the 7 Hills Tour, Moray Grigor create something as remarkable as a tour of places that are worth exploring.

The 7 Hills Tours company also organises other tours such as Royal Mile Walking Tour, Historic Edinburgh Newhaven and Leith Group Tour, Art Deco Building of Edinburgh Tour, In Search of Robert Louis Stevenson tour as well as the private tours such as a Luxury Private Tour of Edinburgh and Beyond.

I hope that maybe in the future I will be able to take part in another of the proposed tours organised by Dr Moray Grigor because this one on the Seven Hills of Edinburgh has made a very positive impression on me. Thank you!

Disclaimer – The post was created in partnership with The 7 Hills Tours who offered me to join this tour. All the views and recommendations are my own.