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7 Best Free Travel Apps for Scotland

The world is changing and we should also change with it, that is why it is worth exploring the world of applications and Internet novelties to be able to discover the world anew.

Nowadays we use the application for pretty much everything – from photographing and entertainment, conversation, learning, to health monitoring. But do we use them as travel guides? Are there any good travel applications on the market? I think the list of them is slowly, but constantly growing. 

I like to use applications, but sometimes it seems to me that Google Maps is not everything. I tried different applications a few years ago, but they were not yet quite well made, also not very intuitive and what’s more just not very nice to look at.

So how does it look today?

Scrolling through the app store recently I noticed that there are many new applications so today I would like to share a comment about them and present my personal evaluation of them.

Discover Highlands 

This is one of 4 applications for 4 regions of Scotland made by Whereverly. This application focuses on exploring the whole distance along the A9 route.

At first glance, the application is nicely constructed and promises that no hidden gem will be left behind. Apart from exemplary tours and inspirations, there is also, which is very cool, a lot of sound material – you can listen to Scottish music which adds the charming atmosphere to your travels and helps you to sink into the remarkable Scottish history and fantastic tales.

Scotland Starts Here

Another application, created by the same company dedicated to Midlothian and Scottish Borders. The same as in Discover Highlands, the application contains a very large database of history, heritage, food and drink as well as outdoor activities.

With this application, you will also find thematic tours if you travel by car, walks, rails, cycling or even equestrian. The big advantage of this application is that you can create your own tours what allows you to explore Scotland on your own terms. 

North Coast 500 

One of the most popular routes in Scotland also has its own application, which is a wonderful addition if you are heading to the north of Scotland.

Apart from places to visit, the application has a database of places with great facilities, accommodation. You can find even places where you can charge an electric car if you are travelling one of them (and not a Ferrari for instance).

This application will not only guide you in the right direction but will also make your journey more pleasant. It is a perfect choice for a trip to the North.

Explore Stirling 

This application that not only applies to Stirling but also to the whole Stirling region – from Crieff to Aberfoyle in Loch Lomond National Park.

As with applications listed above, this one also has plenty of interesting stories and music. You can listen to while travelling and exploring the beauty of this extraordinary region of Scotland.

Historic Scotland

A must-have app if you’re into castles and history of Scotland. You can use it even if you don’t have a membership.

You will find a map with all the castles and historical sites that are protected by Historic Scotland in it. I always enjoy the “near me” options, which means searching for all the closest objects on the map.

Apart from this, you can also see the closest events and create your own itineraries. This app can easily make your day!


The first thing that comes to my mind when describing this application is “pocket travel guide” but in the app form. It’s a very large database of what to see, where to eat, accommodation options and even news or weather reports in whole Scotland.

The other great thing about this application is that the descriptions can also be read in other languages because there is an option to change them according to your preferences.

Additionally, you can improve the listing by sending comments about the place and also rate them. It gives a lot of possibilities!

Scotland’s Best

This is another application that was created to serve as a “pocket travel guide”. It was designed by Christian Williams, who is a dedicated travel writer and all advice, tours and recommendations are speaking from his experience.

It’s a really helpful app in terms of inspiration and planning a holiday in Scotland. It might be looking a bit outdated but is fully functional.

These are my favourite free apps in the store so far, but what are yours? Have you tried any of these? 

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