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Easy guide to canyoning in Scotland

So you looking for something more thrilling than your typical (nothing wrong with that) day trip out of Edinburgh. If you’re up for a thrilling and unique experience that won’t disappoint you and leave you soaking wet with awesome memories –



Everything starts with that one thought and inner need to experience something different and surprising.

But to do that we need to find out what canyoning actually is?

Basically, canyoning (not to be confused with gorge walking) is quite modern (10-15 years old) outdoor experience, rapidly gaining popularity. It’s also a unique way to explore Scotland hidden places where you can spent day out scrambling through a gorges, abseiling, cliff jumping and climbing over rocks.

This is a fun and adrenaline filled way to get up close and personal with many of the Scottish Canyons, gorges where you jump, slide and swim your way through them.

It will definitely make you feel like a big kid on nature’s playground!

As fun as canyoning looks it can definitely take you out of your comfort zone and challenge the senses, fears and your mind if you dare to do the biggest jumps into the water (which is completely optional btw) 

As Ross from Intrepidus Outdoors said:

“Canyoning is an experience that will take you up close and personal with a thrilling raw nature that most people will only photograph from an observation point or look down into from the tourist trails above.”


Scotland is said to be the outdoor capital of UK, and have some of the finest gorges in all country for canyoning enthusiast. Can you believe that some of them are only 45 mins from Edinburgh and Glasgow? If you are new to canyoning start with a trip down the Dollar Glen, which is not the biggest but it perfectly reflects everything that canyoning is all about.

If you’re already tried some canyoning and you’re looking up for something more challenging  then Alva Glen offers six unforgettable abseils to challenge your confidence and bravery on. Although if you are fearless you can have a 10 meter jump to one of the pools next to the Falls of Bruar in Cairngorms National Park!


Safe Environment

The beauty of Canyoning is that when you book your adventure with experts like Intrepidus Outdoors you are very safe and provided with all necessary equipment, from wetsuits to technical canyoning boots. Your guides are knowledgeable and can safely guide you through the area.

Getting Wet

Hop into your wetsuit which is warm so there’s no worries about getting cold! A lot of your canyoning adventure will be spent in the water. If you not noticed already and in case that’s not something you’re into we thought will give a heads up.

A Challenge

Canyoning provides wide variety of challenges and physical activities like jumping, sliding and zipping so it helps if you have some level of fitness and your not afraid to jump 10m down into crystal clear water.

Great memories 

Feeling of accomplishment that no other outdoor activity will give. A sense of achieving something special and literally stepping out of our zone to jump into unknown. It’s a great day out option for many occasions with friends, family or workmates. 

Gear & Transport

You don’t even need to worry or look for these remote places as some providers offer a pick up and drop off included in the price of the experience. Also all the gear needed to explore the most remote Scottish canyons is included as well.


You might want to bring a GoPro or waterproof camera. Obviously!

Canyoning is a great opportunity to get some amazing pictures and surely something worth recording. You might want consider bringing a camera not to miss this chance. Make sure it’s a waterproof one though. This way you will snap some of the most unique shots and videos in your life!

Hi-energy snacks are your friends

Canyoning is energy demanding exercise and demands a decent level of fitness so reenergizing and rising sugar levels shortly after or along the way can be crucial depending on the length of your day out. It might be a good idea to keep some high-energy snacks to munch on after or along the way when needed.

Make sure to have gone with expert

One of the thing you need to make sure tho due to the dangerous nature of this activity is that you always look for companies like Intrepidus Outdoors, that are certificates and have great reviews. That will guarantee an amazing day out!

Is it dangerous?

Like any other adventure sport, you must know that canyoning involves risk. But is minimised by the experienced guides that know the area and by using highest quality safe equipment. As long as you follow instructions and listen to the guides you will have a great time


Canyoning surely is gaining a lot of popularity and is one of the most amazing adrenaline filled activity for your to choose when visiting Scotland between April and October.

We can see a lot of potential in exploring more remote places this way and surely canyoning will only grow bigger and better in the years to come. We surely can’t wait to have a go as we just been invited to try it out next year so look out for our review!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Intrepidus Outdoors based in Edinburgh. All views expressed are our own.

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