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Little known facts and gems of Perthshire

The journey through Scotland certainly never ends, there are many wonderful things to discover, explore and experience. This time I’m taking you on a tour to a great place called Perthshire. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it means that you have to catch up by reading the following post.

Perthshire is a unique place that combines all the best of Scotland has to offer – nature, history, tradition, plenty of hidden spots and attractions.

Officially called the County of Perth it is located in the very heart of Scotland. Characterised by its natural diversity, this is the place where you can experience the peaceful glens, the endless areas of the expansive forest, the beautiful moorlands, the flowing rivers and the falling waterfalls.

Perthshire borders extend from Strathmore in the east, Rannoch Moor in the west, Drumochter Pass in the north and Aberfoyle in the south.

Comrie’s Earthquake House

Scotland is full of magnificent castles, palaces, residences and houses. They have the charm of past years and the greatness of history. But not always such buildings have to be either spectacular or enormous to enchant. This is the case with the unusual tiny house on a hill in the village of Ross, in Comrie.

This charming little house on the hill is called the Earthquake House and since 1874 it has served as a measuring point for earthquakes. In this region of Scotland, earthquakes are surprisingly frequent, so the house has been a place where the equipment for measuring vibrations can be found for years.

However, unfortunately, this equipment is already very outdated and currently serves only as an attraction that can be admired just as much as the tiny house on the top of the hill. Today’s restored and modern equipment was supplied by the British Geological Survey.

Loch Earn – musicians favourite spot 

Loch Earn is a wonderful freshwater loch located in the southern heights of Scotland, in the Perth area. Loch Earn is simply breathtaking, beautiful and very charming. This place not only attracts tourists with its charm but also inspires many musicians and artists.

Speaking of music, it is worth mentioning that far more recently, because in the late 80’s the Scottish world-famous band Simple Minds had a recording studio near St Fillans, where the famous song Belfast Child was created.

The band have get back to Loch Earn area last year while promoting their new album Walking Between Words (which is brilliant in my opinion!)

If you want to be inspired by the same beauty which enchants musicians on the bank of the loch, visit the Four Seasons Hotel Perthshire. This is the place where in 1964, during their tour of Scotland, the Beatles were looking for inspiration. Or at least to relax a bit during their Scottish Tour.

You can follow the paths of John and Paul and take a boat tour of the loch or, like George and Ringo, order breakfast in bed and enjoy your chalets all day long. There are many options and you will certainly not run out of ideas to spend time in this wonderful place.

The Four Seasons Hotel in St Fillans is a fantastic location just an hour’s drive from Edinburgh. This hotel provides not only very cosy rooms with a beautiful view of loch but also family friendly chalets and apartments with self-catering function.

In all the rooms you will find everything you need for your trip out of town. Another advantage is that the hotel is pet-friendly so you can easily come here with your four-legged friends.

However, despite the fact that the place to sleep is very important, you should not miss the wonderful meals served at The Four Season Hotel.

There are two restaurants out there, one very sophisticated, the other less formal. Both restaurants serve excellent Scottish cuisine based on fresh seasonal products and delicious fish and meat.

This place guarantees a great experience and royal hospitality that will satisfy all your requirements and will surely stay in your memory for a long time.

Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre

After a wonderful night at the Four Seasons Hotel and a delicious breakfast, it is worth visiting the Auchingarrich Wildlife Centre in Comrie.

If you travel with children, this place will undoubtedly provide them with a huge dose of fun. This place is intended for children of all ages from babies up to 12 years old.

Many attractions are offered not only by zoos and wildlife parks but also indoor and outdoor parks, playgrounds and soft play areas.

This amazing, fun place will provide an unforgettable experience for the whole family. It is also worth mentioning many facilities such as toilets, restaurants, parking, picnic areas and baby changing rooms which are located onsite.

You and your children will love this place without a doubt. 

Glen Lyon 

A little fun is always good to complete with a nice hike through the mountains which you can experience on your way to Glen Lyon. This place not only delights due to the remarkable panoramic view but also due to the natural stones set in an extraordinary way.

Glen Lyon is Scotland’s longest enclosed glen that stretches for 25 miles. This place and the stones that are found there are accompanied by many fascinating legends. Many stones have names like ‘Praying Hands of Mary’ or ‘Fionn’s Rock’.

Interestingly, the stone called Praying Hands really looks like hands folded for prayer. It is extraordinary how nature can change and shape its own elements.

Being at Glen Lyon has something magical to offer, it combines serenity with mysteriousness, and at the same time, it provides a unique experience. I won’t hide the fact that this is a really incredible place to visit.

Loch Leven Castle

Probably there is no guide through Scotland that can even mention one castle, so taking the opportunity to take you to the great Perthshire I must tell you about Loch Leven Castle.

This building is actually a tower house built in the 1300s, located on an island in the middle of Loch Leven. You can get there by boat, the journey takes about 10 minutes during which you can enjoy the beauty of the loch and surrounding hills.

Once you get to the island, you will be amazed by the immensity of history and importance of this place, which was historically a one-year prison for Mary Queen of Scots and a place visited by Robert the Bruce.

The castle is truly an important historical site of the Scottish people, and its architecture and solidity are impressive. An ideal place to visit when you are interested in history or architecture. 

Perthshire is one of the many fantastic regions in Scotland. It provides beautiful views, fabulous places to stay overnight such as The Four Seasons Hotel, great local food and the power of unforgettable experiences.

You can also follow the paths of famous people or be inspired to create something of your own. Scottish lochs, hills, mountains and forests are breathtaking and create a magic that is hard to find anywhere else in the world.

Have you ever visited the Perthshire area? Or maybe you’re planning to go there? Let me know in the comments! I will be more than happy to hear your opinion about this splendid place. 

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post for The Four Seasons Hotel. We ate and stayed as guests at the hotel. All views expressed are my own.

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