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Midlothian Country Escapes

Holidays are getting closer and closer, which is why it is worthwhile to start
searching for the ideal place to relax and rest. In fact, you don’t have to go far from
Edinburgh to feel as if you were away from the city.

I would like to introduce you today a land full of top attractions and hidden gems. It offers many day trip possibilities that provide an enjoyable sampler of Scotland.

Midlothian is a wonderful council area full of great atmosphere with
unforgettable castles and churches to explore. It is full of pretty villages and
many great sites that you must visit. Get ready to discover the wonderful region of
Scotland which is Midlothian.

Beautiful area of Midlothian

Midlothian is a historic county and one of the contemporary council areas of
Scotland which are located in the east-central Lowlands, bordering the City of
Edinburgh, East Lothian and the Scottish Borders.

This beautiful traditional countryside has everything you need for a proper escape. In a very short distance from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can take a breath of fresh air, go hiking up the hills and feel like on a real holiday, even if it is only a weekend trip.

The capital of the region is the picturesque town of Dalkeith, full of remarkable
historical architecture. This district has traditionally included industries such as mining
and agriculture, whereas in the past when the borders of the council area were larger, it
also included fishing.

Midlothian is Scotland’s pure quintessence, full of breathtaking views of the landscape and magnificent architectural monuments combined with the vibrant history of the region. In addition, the proximity to Edinburgh can be a great advantage because you can find all that Edinburgh has to offer but you can also quickly get out back to the wild.

There is something for everyone.

Best place to stay in Midlothian

There are plenty of fantastic places to eat and sleep throughout the Midlothian
region, but the Stair Arms Hotel is definitely the place to be!

It is a beautifully furnished hotel arranged with artistic flair. The atmosphere of luxury and sophisticated elegance can be experienced here. To reach Stair Arms Hotel, follow the A68 main road from Edinburgh to the British border.

This excellent hotel is located in Pathhead, less than 30 minutes from Edinburgh. The Stair Arms Hotel has recently been fully renovated and is truly prepared to meet the expectations of the most demanding clients.

The beautiful colour scheme of this place relaxes and creates a sense of extraordinary luxury.

The hotel has 11 stylishly decorated rooms. A great advantage of this beautiful place is a wonderful restaurant serving delicious dishes in a very pleasant atmosphere accompanied by a fireplace. It is worth mentioning that the meals served are composed of fresh products and are absolutely delightful!

There is also home-made bread baked, which is absolutely fantastic. It is a place where you can chill out, relax and take the kids. There is also fantastic playground. It also has plenty of room for running and playing outside. Simply a paradise for families with kids.

Things to see and do in Midlothian

I know that staying at the Stair Arms Hotel sounds like a dream, but it’s also
worth to visit some places where you can spend your time in this picturesque nook of
which is the Midlothian region.

Rosslyn Chapel

If you’ve ever heard of Dan Brown’s novel called the Da Vinci Code, Rosslyn
should sound familiar to you. This unusual place is said to be connected with
notorious Knights Templar. The chapel was founded in 1446 and stuns with its
fascinating carved interior.

The place has been attracting and intriguing visitors for years. The beautifully carved columns, the arches and the walls of this place really are impressive. Moreover, this place looks as if it really hides some extraordinary history, so you simply need to visit this chapel.

Roslin Glen Country Park

When I visited this place, I was speechless! Beautiful, beautiful and once again
beautiful! The combination of beautiful nature, views and an extraordinary landscape
with the ruins of the mill and Roslin Castle is the perfect match for a wonderful day out.

Visiting this place you can experience and discover ancient woodland with its
many magnificent types of trees, picturesque areas along the River North Esk and
breathtaking ruins.

Crichton Castle

Crichton Castle was built in the 14th century, thanks to the Crichton family. An unusual element of this castle is the diamond-pattern facade, which impresses with its symmetry.

Set in the dreamy countryside, the castle is unique for its Italian style diamond-faced stonework. Although in ruins, the rooms of the castle contain fine architectural details.

Dalkeith Country Park

Dalkeith Country Park is a place where there are many unusual attractions for children.

Adventure playground will delight the youngest visitors. They can play there all day long and right next to it you can have a delicious dinner, afternoon tea and rest for a while.


And if you prefer to eat while sitting on the grass, there are a lot of great picnic spots here. It is a great place to visit with the family and your pets.

Scottish Mining Museum

If you wish to literally immerse yourself in the Midlothian heritage, visit the
Scottish Mining Museum in Newtowngrange. It is a unique, award-winning place that
shows the great story of coal in Scotland. Explore what life was like for the miners in
and see how Scotland’s largest winding engine works.

The interactive zone will provide a lot of interesting information and delight
everyone who is interested in history. The museum also has an interesting area for
where they can create their own mine.

You will certainly not be bored here.

What are you waiting for? Midlothian waits for you!

Midlothian offers extraordinary experiences and adventures. The combination of
nature, architecture, education and fun is a recipe for the perfect weekend out of town
with your loved ones.

No reason to wait! You have to visit this place and fall in love with
each of the various attractions. It’s really an amazing experience to spend time in

Accommodate in the Stair Arms Hotel and set off on a journey in the
footsteps of the Templars or simply enjoy nature or have fun with your kids. There is a variety of different ways to spend the day.

Disclosure: This is a commissioned post for The Stairs Arms Hotel. We ate and stayed as guests at The Stair Arms Hotel. All views expressed are my own.

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