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Classic One Day Road Trip From Edinburgh to Oban [Itinerary]

Summer is coming very fast and with it the whole holiday season. Many lucky people will be able to set off for the long-awaited relaxation. If you are the one who doesn’t have a lot of time off or you just simply like day trips.

I have something absolutely fantastic for you which will make your days in the coming months even more pleasant.

This journey begins and ends in Edinburgh, where both flights and public transport are very convenient. So prepare yourself for a day trip that will surely delight you, because Scotland is just wonderful and worth exploring.

Start point: Edinburgh

From Edinburgh, you can easily go in various directions, but this time I suggest a trip to the northwest of Scotland.

First stop: Callander

The first stop on the trip from Edinburgh is Callander, a town near which the fantastic Bracklinn Falls is located. The distance from Edinburgh to Callander is only about 50 miles, which can be easily reached by car or a bus. The journey to this place is worth spending some time on the road.

Callander is a charming and peaceful town situated by the Teith River in central Scotland. It’s called The Entrance to the Scottish Highlands. There are many lovely places where you can eat, shop or just wander around this charming wee town. However, the real gem here is Bracklinn Falls, which is located in the woods above the town in an incredible wooded gorge.

Bracklinn Falls is an amazing waterfall that combines the beauty of nature with its spectacular view, simply breathtaking. There’s no doubt that the waterfall looks the most impressive after a heavy rainfall when the water is buzzing. The gorge was formed over many years by the water flowing from the Keltie Burn.

In 2010, a spectacular A-shaped wooden bridge was built over the waterfalls.

Earlier, there was a cast-iron bridge built in the 1870s. Unfortunately, it was destroyed during the flood in 2004. Bracklinn Falls Bridge is an excellent viewpoint. It is also worth mentioning that nearby there is some free parking , which is very convenient.

Second stop: Loch Tulla

This place is an obligatory stopover for everyone who comes to the Highlands for the first time. The view of Loch Tulla is fantastic, nature is extremely beautiful and unspoiled. Loch Tulla is a small but very beautiful loch with much superb fish including salmon. This place is very close to Glencoe, our next destination.

Third stop: Glencoe

Lagangarbh Hut is something which looks like taken from the movie. It just looks as unrealistic as it is possible. This place is located north of Buachaille Etive Mor near the River Coupall. The building is built in a traditional way with a slate roof and stone walls. What is more, it is possible to book accommodation in this place, which will surely provide a lot of attractions.

The view of the rising or sundown sun in this place must be and IS spectacular.

Right next to Lagangarnh Hut is Lagangarch Bran, which also offers additional accommodation.

A house in the middle of nowhere surrounded by high mountains, doesn’t that sound delightful?

Water flowing down the steep hills surrounded by beautiful greenery and rocky mountains. Here is a brief description of what you can see by heading to the village of Glencoe and to be more precise to a waterfall called Meet of Three Waters. This waterfall is located at the foot of the Three Sisters Glen Coe, which is a very popular tourist and ski resort.

The water from the three streams meets in this place and then joins the Loch Achtriochtan, which is why the waterfall is called Meet of Three Waters. It is an extraordinary place full of magnificent scenery and wild nature.

From this point, you can go on many wonderful hikes and mountain climbing trips.

In the area, there are two parking areas in which one of them is larger and equipped with a detailed information map. It’s better to check and plan your trip before you set off because nature is beautiful but at the same time dangerous and the weather can quickly change from rain to sunshine.

Fourth stop: Glencoe Visitor Centre

The Glencoe Visitor Centre is a fantastic place for everyone. Renovated in 2019, eco-friendly visitor centre, new, fresh and modern.

The centre has many very interesting exhibitions and multimedia points where you can find out a lot about the history, weather, flora and fauna that together create a remarkable place called Glencoe.

The aim of this exceptional spot is to preserve Scotland’s heritage so that it can be enjoyed forever. The visitor centre also has a cosy cinema room where you can watch a movie about this fantastic place, have a delicious tea in the café and buy some souvenirs in the Glencoe Visitor Centre’s shop. It is a perfect place for the whole family.

Fifth stop: Glencoe Lochan

There are many really amazing and fantastic places in Scotland but Glencoe Lochan is a hidden gem.

It is located above the village of Glencoe and offers a wonderful view. Glencoe Lochan is really a forested chain created in the 19th century by Lord Strathcon.

The magic of this place is created by combining a picturesque and peaceful lochan with wild and dramatic trees and mountains. On the bank of the lochan is a bridge on which you can stop for a while and look around and the views can really knock you down. Nature can be extremely mysterious, wild and at the same time incredibly beautiful.

Sixth stop: Castle Stalker

When you visit Glencoe, you simply can’t avoid going a little further and visiting Castle Stalker. Do you know the name The Castle of Aaaaarrrrrrggghhhh? The legendary Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975) film includes its very own Stalker Castle.

This castle is located on a small island on Loch Laich. Its architecture may not be considered fancy, but it’s still amazing. The building, which was probably built in the 13th century, still impresses to this day.

It’s an extraordinary place full of charm. The only way to get to the castle is by boat, as it is not accessible by land. Interestingly, the person who will show you around this small castle is a family member who owns it so it additionally adds a touch of magic to your visit to this place.

Near the castle, but on the shore of the lake, there is a café which serves not only delicious tea and coffee but also fantastic cakes. The view from this place beautifully embraces both the lake and the castle itself.

You can also visit a local shop where beautiful regional products are sold, such as hand-made jewellery, candles and other accessories. However, you must bear in mind that to reach the Castle boathouse you must continue along the road – it cannot be reached directly from the cafe!

Seventh stop: Oban

Oban is a Scottish town with great views, excellent food and unique whisky. It is located on the west coast of Scotland and attracts a lot of visitors.

The biggest attraction of Oban is the whisky distillery, whose taste and smell delights all kinds of whisky lovers all over the world.

Being in the city it is also worth climbing the two observation points.

The first one is the Pulpit Hill, from which you can admire the panorama of the city and the port. The second place is McCaig’s Tower, the so-called “Oban Crown” or “Colosseum“.  It owes its name to its characteristic round shape, which may resemble a Roman coliseum or a crown.

The building was constructed in 1897 by the local banker John Stuart McCaig and its purpose was to provide work for local stonemasons. Nowadays it is a beautiful panoramic terrace from which you can admire the magnificent panorama of the islands surrounding the town of Oban.

Eighth stop: Kilchurn Castle

Kilchurn Castle is one of the most picturesque castles in Scotland. Looking through the photos from Scotland, you surely came across Kilchurn Castle many times. It is a 15th-century fortress, which is considered to be one of the most scenic on the map of Scotland.

It was commissioned by Sir Colin Campbell, 1st Lord Glenorchy and was supposed to be a demonstration of the strength and wealth of the Campbell Clan in this area.

The castle is currently located on a peninsula, but at the time of its construction, it was located on an island. As a result of the lowering of the waters of Loch Awe, it was connected to the mainland. The castle can be admired from the outside all year round.

Access to the interior of the fortress is possible only in the summer – from April to the end of September.

Finish: Edinburgh

After such a thrilling trip you can either spend the night somewhere near Glencoe or Oban or go back to Edinburgh.

You will surely feel positively tired but also extremely satisfied because the contact with nature gives a lot of pleasure.

The journey from Kilchurn Castle to Edinburgh will take you about 2.5 hours if you travel by car but there are also bus and train connections available.

A one-day trip outside of Edinburgh is truly an opportunity to experience extraordinary things and see fantastic places. So it is worth to leave the city for a day and spend some time in wonderful outdoor areas.

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