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I wish I would have known THIS before heading to Scotland!

When you plan a summer holiday by the sea, it is obvious that you take your swimsuit, sunscreen and sunglasses. On winter holidays in the mountains, you usually take your ski equipment, winter clothes and goggles.

What to take on the holidays in Scotland?

How to make your journey to a place where you can both swim in the sea, ski and experience thousands of other exciting attractions?

For all of you who have never visited Scotland before, as well as for those who have not prepared themselves well for the last time, I have a few useful tips.

So get ready to note what’s necessary during a holiday in beautiful Scotland.

Scotland. Scotland? Scotland!

First of all, Scotland is not a remote area of the world or the name of one of the planets in our galaxy, it is a fantastic country that is part of the United Kingdom, which is not so strange as some might think.

Scotland shares its borders with England and is surrounded to the north and west by the Atlantic Ocean, to the northeast by the North Sea and to the south by the Irish Sea and has more than 790 islands.

It may seem overwhelming, but there is nothing to be afraid of, the country is diverse and therefore extremely picturesque and unpredictable.

Scotland, due to its diversity, has everything you could wish for within its borders, from beautiful beaches to green fields, caves, mountains, cities, wonderful people and delicious food.

Everyone will surely find what they are looking for here. There is a lot of places to see and a lot of things to do so there is no time for boredom.

Don’t be afraid of the weather!

Because Scotland is surrounded by ocean and sea on almost every side, it is worth keeping in mind that it is quite windy and rainy (sometimes!). With a moderate sea climate in Scotland, the weather is quite unstable.

However, it is not that it rains here all the time!

Springs are beautifully green, summers are warm and sunny and autumns are extremely colorful, while winters are full of possibilities for snow lovers.

When coming to Scotland, it’s worth taking a waterproof jacket, trousers and shoes as well as a beanie. That’s it most of the time.

Photo by Bill Higham

The weather can change quickly, so remember the sentence:

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!”

Be prepared for all the circumstances. But seriously, it’s good to have a few layers of clothes, to wear something on if it’s cold and when it gets warm, to just take it off.

“If you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.”

If you want to visit Scotland and travel through it, it is worth not to take too many clothes with you, only those comfortable will be useful. You will probably not use them all anyway!

Also remember that there are very few laundries in Scotland, so it’s best to take enough underwear and outerwear.

Let me take a selfie!

Each of us explores the world differently. Some people love to take thousands of photos (like me for example), while others make videos and another simply enjoy the view.

No matter which type you are, it’s always worth taking a few pictures and spent the rest of your time admiring nature, because that’s the first fiddle in Scotland.

Nature and its beauty will delight you more than once, so it is sometimes worth putting down your phone or camera and just enjoy the moment.

It is also a fact that the photo will not always reflect what you can see with your own eyes and it is worth to sit down at the seaside or on top of the mountain and just turn everything off, calm down and admire the beauty of Scottish nature.

Equip yourself

The Scottish landscape is truly diverse. From mountains to hills, fields, glens, lowlands, caves, wetlands and much more.

In such conditions, comfortable boots with hard soles and hiking sticks will be extremely recommended.

You should also remember to take a small amount of change for parking or toilet when planning to go to the Highlands.

What’s more, it’s also a good idea to take your own food when going on trips out of town or village. Then you can be sure that whatever the weather, you will survive. Nature can be very surprising, sometimes and you need to be humble about it. Plus there might be no shops around.

Oh, and don’t forget to take a small first aid kit or just a few patches for scratches. You never know what can happen when you travel deep into Scotland, but always be prepared for any situation.

Good preparation before heading to the Highlands also gives you mental comfort that you are prepared and you can then relax and enjoy the moment.

Isn’t your peace of mind worth a few pounds more in your backpack?

Scottish food? Blah! But are you sure?

Scottish cuisine is as varied as the landscape. It is well known for its specialities such as shortbread, kidney pie and haggis.

For the unfamiliar ones, I explain immediately, that a haggis is a sheep’s stomach filled with a mixture of chopped sheep giblets, oat flakes, onions and spices, sewn together and cooked. It may sound a bit unpleasant, but believe me, it is a very nice and tasty dish.

Usually, it is served with potatoes, and who doesn’t like them?

Scottish cuisine is characterised by a large number of dishes containing oats, Cranachan can be an example of this. A traditional Scottish breakfast usually consists of oatmeal, bacon, fried eggs or smoked fish.

Photo by Mark Longair

It’s worth exploring other countries not only for their landscapes and architecture but also for the culinary specialities that can always inspire you to create your own Scottish flavors when you get back home. Enjoy!

Could you give me a lift?

While traveling in Scotland you can choose from many different forms of transport, you can travel by car, train, bus, bike or on foot.

It is worth investing a few pounds in an explorer pass, which will simplify transport in Scotland (buses, trains) and provide discounts on sightseeing tours of many fascinating tourist attractions!

Being in the city is much easier to use a taxi or a bus because parking in big cities such as Edinburgh or Glasgow can be (and is!) quite a challenge.

Walking with your own speed will surely allow you to see more interesting places than just looking out the taxi’s window.

You’ll also need to be in good physical shape because many Scottish cities are made up of charming but very narrow streets and countless stairs.

Photo by Karin Bergman

However, not every holiday should be spent on laziness, sometimes it’s awesome to discover things and get to the top of the mountains.

Overcoming your own limitations will teach you something new every time and give you both strength and motivation to develop. This is a knowledge which is worth paying for through physical tiredness.

So when you travel into the depths of Scotland, remember that the Outlander is a fiction and the real Scotland is much more fascinating and has much more to offer.

In fact, to travel through Scotland, it’s worth having an open mind and just enjoying the unique experience. Be a great explorer.

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  • Hey Alex,
    I’m going to Scotland in June/July 2019 for the first time in my life – and thanks to your blog, I’m so much more exited but also more relaxed 🙂 thanks for all the good tips and informations!
    Let’s see how it goes 🙂