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10 Secret Places To See When Visiting Glasgow

Guaranteeing a warm welcome for all visitors, the charming Scottish city has lots for you to have a wonderful time. The title of world’s friendliest city speaks for Glasgow. In fact, it gives you enough reasons to make plans for vacation. Visit Glasgow and discover the hidden treasures of Scotland’s largest city. The city features among the sought-after holiday destinations when you book United Kingdom tour packages.

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Start with the most exciting places to see and things to do in Glasgow. The city is dotted with medieval architecture, state-of-the-art masterpieces, world-class attractions, diverse neighbourhoods, delightful dining options and amazing nightlife. In addition, events and festivals mark the calendar all year long. With plentiful to keep you bust, you need not worry for what to do in Glasgow.

Make the most of your holiday in Scotland, as you check out these hidden gems apart from the must-visit places in Glasgow.

The Cloisters at the University of Glasgow

With every inch of Glasgow so fascinating, it is quite difficult to make a list of best. Architecture is among the best of points of interest of Glasgow. For this we come to a hidden treasure, the Cloisters at the University of Glasgow. The architecture simply puts a spell on you.

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Moreover, the site has the reputation of being one of the most photographed locations in Scotland. Also known as the Undercroft, the symmetrical designs deserve every praise. If you believe in heavenly architecture, then is in The Cloisters!

Ashton Lane, Glasgow West End

An experience of the delightful nightlife is among the best things to do in Glasgow. Therefore, we come to the Ashton Lane. The cobbled backstreet in the city is among the hidden treasures of Glasgow.

After a day spent sightseeing, here is where you can let go. Bars, restaurants, a licensed cinema and happening crowds are the highlights. Walk around and discover the myriad pleasures.

Tchai-Ovna House of Tea

Moving on, this one is simply among the best places to visit in Glasgow. Among the oldest tea houses in the city, Tchai-Ovna is a treasure. Serving over 100 types of tea along with vegan and vegetarian dishes it is a feast for your soul. Do try a cup of one of the “alternative” teas.

In addition of warming your spirits with varieties of tea, the venue hosts music, poetry readings, dramatic performances and arts exhibition. Take time out to attend on the performances from songwriters, jazz musicians and local and world music artists.

Glasgow Museums Resource Centre

Glasgow’s popular tourist attractions include the museums. Truly a treasure is the Glasgow Museum Resource Centre. It is a unique site as it is a storehouse of all collections of museums in the city.

The vast building treasures all fantastic objects that include fine art, fossils, armors, animals, technology and much, much more. Environmentally controlled storage pods here treasure 1.4 million objects. Embark on a guided tour and enjoy the marvelous collections.

The Mitchell Library

Among the hidden treasures of Glasgow is a world of books. The Mitchell Library is a famous landmark with a unique copper dome. One of Europe’s most prestigious libraries, here is one of the largest collections of literature.

Photo by Alf Melin

Spread over five floors, it is among the largest resources of information in the world. Use the community library to borrow books, magazines, comics and more. Escape the world amid the treasures of Mitchell Library.

Glasgow Necropolis

The architectural brilliance of this next tourist attraction in Glasgow is known and appreciated worldwide. Started in April 1833, Victorian Glasgow Necropolis is a gothic garden cemetery which sits on a hill close to the Glasgow Cathedral. 

Photo by Robert Brown

The cemetery spread over 37 acres is dotted with monuments representing the different architectural style. The memorial stones, buildings, sculptures all are designed by famous Glasgow artists namely Charles Rennie Macintosh, Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson, and JT Rochead. 

Moreover, travelers visit for architecture and the tranquil surroundings. 

Kibble Palace, Glasgow Botanic Gardens

Set amid the Glasgow Botanic Gardens is the Kibble Palace in the West End of the city. Kibble Palace remains one of the hidden gems of Glasgow named after the famous inventor, engineer and amateur photographer, John Kibble.

The palace is a 19th century wrought iron framed glasshouse spread over 2137 m2. If we look back in time, we get to know that the structure was designed in the 1860s for Kibble’s home at Coulport on Loch Long. With the passing time, glasshouse was brought via the River Clyde to the current location.

Moreover, Kibble Palace is a great place to spend some time with your family. Here you can find finely carved marble statues and 120-year-old ferns.

Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

Next on the list of places to visit in Glasgow is the name of Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre. Based in Trongate 103 arts center, this mechanical theatre houses tiny carved pieces and figures of old scrap in numbers.

The theatre is the brainchild of theatre director Tatyana Jakovskaya and sculptor-mechanic Eduard Bersudsky. The tiny structures perform on haunting music and synchronized lightning to represent the funny and sad stories of the human spirit. The choreography shows the harsh reality of the circles of life and death.

Founded in St.Petersburg in 1989, Sharmanka has been praised for its thought-provoking performances. The theatre has been a part of Glasgow attractions since 1996.

The National Piping Centre and the Bagpipe Museum

The list of what to see in Glasgow remains incomplete without a visit to the National Piping Centre and the Bagpipe Museum. It is the best place to source bagpipes and drum accessories.

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The National Piping Centre runs extensive courses and lessons for those who have a passion for this art form. Besides, it is also home to the Bagpipe Museum which has piping collectibles of 17th-century Iain Dall MacKay chanter and Robbie Burns.

Further, there is also a shop where one can buy souvenirs and mementos. The city also organizes the World Pipe Band Championship in the month of August.

Queen’s Park

Queen’s Park makes its name as one of the Glasgow points of interest for many reasons. Stuffed with tropical gardens which are home to fishes and reptiles, the park is a perfect fit for every kind of traveler.

Opened in the 19th century, the park is just the right spot to sit back and watch the mesmerizing views of Campsie Fells hills and sometimes to Ben Lomond. Apart from that, one can find a good spot close to the pond where swans, mallards, and ducks swim, the sweet-smelling rose garden for a picnic.

Besides, don’t miss out on the park’s bowling greens, tennis courts, football, and cricket fields.

Guest blog written by Rekha Bisht, which is a travel enthusiast and who loves to visit the most popular as well as off-beat places of the world. She loves to share her travel experiences with fellow travellers. For planning memorable holidays in India or any international tour, follow her write-ups.

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