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Where to find Standing Stones near Edinburgh?

There are many unusual places in the United Kingdom where you can find stones or sets of stones that look like they were placed for some reason.

It’s amazing how many stories and fantastic legends are connected with these stones.

Many of them will probably never be discovered, that makes us wonder even more, it boosts the imagination, and makes us think about who were the people that made them.

Setting up stone circles or single stones in the middle of open space was certainly not an easy task, but somehow these stones found their way there and that’s why they still fascinate us so much today.

Below I listed five places around Edinburgh where you can find interesting stones, so read on to find out something more about them.

Tuilyies Standing Stones, West Fife

This great four standing stones can be seen on the road from Culross to Rosyth in West Fife. All of them are in various shape and size which makes me wonder what was their original purpose.

If you take a closer look at them, they are full of many irregularities, hollows, perpendicular grooves and cracks, mainly due to the weather, but also some of the dents are likely to be there from the beginning.

Unfortunately, they are difficult to access because the place is enclosed, but there is a spot where you can stop the car to see the stones.

An interesting element of this collection of stones is the fact that three smaller ones are whinstone, while the largest of the stones are made of grey sandstone.

This diversity may indicate that this was in a sense a sacred place in the Bronze Age and that the significance of these varieties of stone had its hidden meaning.

The origin of the stones is unclear as it is not a typical stone circle.

Some say that these are probably the stones set up here to mark the graves of the chieftains who died in the alleged battle here and their very name Tuilyies stands for ‘tulzie’ which means ‘fight’ in Scottish.

Huly Hill Cairn, Newbridge

Located in a quite unique place, just behind the runway of Edinburgh airport and at the roundabout of two highways, every day thousands of people pass this stone by without notice.

Nearby there are two other stones which are said to have originally formed a circle of 12 stones.

Two of the still standing stones are around 2 meters high and the third one looks as if it was partially fractured and has a height of around 1.5 meters.

In ancient times, these stones or stone circles were probably located in the field, but because of the fact that Edinburgh has grown over the centuries, these stones stand now inside the city.

Unfortunately, because of their present location, they are often destroyed by vandals, but surely they meant so much to our ancestors.

Interestingly, one of the stones looks like a face in profile. Probably the stone had ritualistic significance, but their legend is long forgotten.

Galabraes Standing Stone, Bathgate

This amazing stone, over 1.5 m high, stands alone on a hill, like a signpost or a clue for the initiated. Interesting information is the fact that one stone was removed from this place and you can still see the place where it originally stood for centuries.

It is said that the stone collapsed and fractured, so it was removed from the area. This is quite fascinating in this place, that a huge stone stands here in the centre of the field.

This is not a natural phenomenon, but obviously, one that required human effort.

Human bones were dug around the stones, which may indicate that this place was of ritual importance to the ancient people.

It is possible that these stones were related to the human burial but no obvious evidence was found except for the bones.

Maybe it was time that hid all the signs from the public eye? Or maybe some secrets and meanings of certain places should never be discovered?

The Ravenswood Avenue Standing Stone, Edinburgh

This remarkable standing stone is over 2 meters high and is located in the middle of the city, more precisely in the eastern part of Edinburgh.

It is a grey sandstone, where the weather was clearly reflected in a lot of grooves. Interestingly, the stone was moved a few metres from its original location, which was formerly part of the current roadway.

Now the stone is placed in concrete, secured with a railing and is reminiscent of the history of the region, standing in the middle of a modern housing estate.

Nearby at the Inch stands another stone and maybe both stones were once part of a larger complex, which could be evidenced by the word “Inch”, which came from the Gaelic and means a ‘closed place’. This might be understood as a stone circle.

As always, there are many theories in such a case, but probably we will never get to know the right one.

Orwell Standing Stones

Orwell Standing Stones are a part of the megalithic circle. The name of these stones circle came from the name of the Orwell farm which is located close by.

When you concerning to visit this place I suggest to come here between October and March otherwise the fields are fully covered with crops.

Around the group of these stones, many bones mixed with charcoal and a stone coffin were found.

Another place carefully hides its secret, but if bones were found there, the meaning of this place must have been significant in ancient times.

It is so regrettable that these stones cannot tell us their own extraordinary story.

Providing an unambiguous answer to the origin of all of these stones or even one of them is a truly impossible task.

It is remarkable how many stones are spread across Scotland and probably many of them have already been lost.

How fantastic is the fact that some of them are still standing today and give us a picture of the uniqueness of the passing time?

It would be wonderful to know the history of each of the stones and all of them together. I assume that something has to connect them if there are so many of them, not only in Scotland itself but all over the world.

As people, we don’t know much about what happened before we were born, but all these legends, theories and stories are intriguing and arouse the hunger for more.

That’s why I think it’s worth to travel to places where you can find such beautiful, mysterious standing stones because they have a secret enchanted in them that maybe one day can be deduced from them.

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