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The Essential Pictures from Scotland

Pictures from Scotland

When scrolling through an Instagram tag or looking through Visit Scotland’s Facebook albums, there’s always a short list  of pictures from Scotland which pop up very often, because they are so photogenic, symbolic and widespread in Scotland.

What ‘little things’ do you often see in pictures from Scotland? Here’s our list. Don’t forget to pin it for later!

Coldingham Bay

Red Telephone Box

The Red Telephone Box is a British classic. In towns and villages up and down the United Kingdom, the phone box sticks out like a sore thumb, the brilliant red illuminating a dull grey street.

Scotland is a very sparse country. So while we have the phone boxes in towns, we also have the profound delight of having these red beauties blend so harmoniously nestled on lush loch sides, or in unforgiving glens.

There is no better image than the regal red phone box in the countryside!

Red Telephone Box

Passing Places

For people who love travelling around Scotland, like us here at Scotland Traveloholic, encountering the Highland wonder that is the ‘Passing Place’ is a sign that you are far from home, in the enchanting Highlands and Islands.

When you have to stop in a passing place, you know you are on holiday.

Passing Places

Abandoned Ships

Scotland has a very strong seafaring tradition. For hundreds of years, Scots have waged war on the high seas, sailed off to lands afar and fished the fruits of the sea.

Alas, it comes as no surprise that dotted around Scotland are many wrecked ships, mainly fishing boats.

Walking on the shores of a loch or the sea and encountering an abandoned ship evokes a sense of almost excitement, and wonder.

What was at first a glance at a boat, suddenly spins your head. ‘How did that get there?’, you are bound to ask yourself

Abandoned Ships

Majestic Stags

There is no animal that you can find in Scotland that is as majestic and charming as the Stag.

They are not called the “Monarch of the Glen” for no reason.

Their golden hide, splendid antlers, standing proud in harmony with the heathered glens of Scotland makes for an absolutely incredible photograph that you will recollect for years to come.

 Pictures from Scotland

Middle-of-Nowhere Cottages

In Scotland, you find beautifully enticing cottages in the most peculiarly improbable places.

The Scottish people have a long history of taking an isolated, weather-beaten area and turning it into a home.
For hundreds of years, Scots have farmed t

he toughest of land and built small cottages on their crofts for them to rest between their labours.  Bothies also exist, as do huts, always intended for avid climbers.

Crofting communities themselves still continue, albeit in small numbers, however in many sparse and far-thrown places, elegantly solitary cottages remain.

The most popular of these without question is Black Rock in Glen Coe. Keep your eyes peeled for ruins, there are plenty!


Some other things that always make for a phenomenal photograph:

  • Highland Cattle: Try to find a rare black-haired Highland Cow – they exist too!
  • Royal Mail Vans: You’re sure to find one of these dinky red vans scooting about in Scotland, why not take a pic?
  • Crab Pots: When you’re at a pier eating your fish supper, you won’t be able to resist taking a photograph of these. They capture the essence of coastal life in Scotland.

Article written by our contributor and friend – Andrew. Thank you! See his other articles Through Scotland by TrainBest 10 Attractions to Visit in Lanarkshire and 10 Ways to Make Use of the Strathclyde Daytripper Ticket


Scotland lover, video editor, web developer & 1/2 of @scotraveloholic :)


  • If you’re after stags the view from Lochranza Bay is astounding. Boats, the mountains, the bay, the sea and wildlife everywhere. Few stags went plodding past and swans.

  • Glencoe is best for photos – One of the most beautiful areas we have ever visited. I truly is just as beautiful if it is raining as if the sun is shining. Lots of tourists in the summer.

  • Scotland really is an amazing country. Been there a couple of years ago on summer, and i loved it. Shame that the weather was too windy and rainy and I found myself buying rain jackets for myself and my husband (Lol)

  • I have travelled extensively and I have Just returned from a short break in the Isle of Arran. I consider it one of the most beautiful and interesting places I have ever visited.

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