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15 Azure crystal clear water beaches in Scotland (with map!)

I think that many of us dream about a walk on a sandy white beach overlooking the azure water. Here is our list of white sand beaches in Scotland !

Somewhere completely far away from civilization, where, next to the silence, the only thing you hear is the sound of waves and birds singing Such dreams are often exclusive to luxurious holidays in the Maldives or the Caribbean.

Luckily, Scotland is lucky to be abundant in such beaches and although it is not always (or virtually never) too hot, still everything you dream about can be found here.

Below is a list of 15 places where to find the azure waters and white beaches in Scotland (there are many more!)

So join us and find the most amazing beaches in Scotland

Sanna Bay

Sanna Beach

To get to Sanna bay and beach, you drive through the largest lopolith in the UK (check out a map view for the rings!).

The drive here is well worth it, but you need to come prepared as there isn’t a café or public toilet here!

The road ends at a decent car park and a quick walk through the unique dunes (formed due to limpet shells) brings you onto white sand beaches. The rocky shelves that protrude into the bay make excellent places to look for rock pools.

Head to the left side of the bay and walk up the small hill to overlook the bays.

You will see creeping Willow here, but more excitingly you can spot otters and seals in the bays.

A great place to visit, due to its remoteness, beauty and rare wildlife!



It is a 4 mile walk to Sandwood Bay but once you get there, you realise it is worth every step.

Enormous sand dunes welcome you and the size of the beach and bay is jaw dropping. Take lunch with you and spend the day there before heading back on the long walk back to the car.

A ‘must’ when in Sutherland.


Silver Sands of Morar

This is a spectacular area with some of the best sands in Scotland. Take the old road and experience Morar and Arisaig without whizzing by on the bypass.

There are hidden gems as you explore through the sand dunes and experience the white shell sand as you appear out the other end.

Magical. Loads of wildlife like seals, divers or sea ducks.

Camusdarach Beach


Camusdarach beach is about 45 mins drive from Fort William.

The beach looks west to the Rum, Eigg and further North to the Isle of Skye. White sands, clear blue seas,island views and sun, it all equals to a stunning place to see and enjoy, with hardly a soul around to invade the relative solitude and relaxation.

Due to location and space, fame from the film “Local Hero” has not resulted in a crown invasion.

Small car park, with short walk to dune-backed beach paradise.Great place for quiet and families!

Even more space to walk, clamber on rocks, dam streams, pick shells and swim when the tide recedes.


Achmelvich Beach

I think it’s the second most popular white beach in Scotland.

The sand and the pure clear water makes you feel like on exotic island.

The main beach is great with plenty of room for all, however, the surrounding caravans seem to take something away.

The beach is white sand and the sea is turquoise.

If looking out to sea, take a walk over the headland to your right, plenty of paths and a couple of stiles bring you another, smaller beach within the same bay. It’s a bit of a climb down on to it over rocks but well worth the effort if able.

Absolutely stunning, breathtaking place.

Sango bay

Rispond Beach

As with all the beaches along this stretch, they do not fail to bring you pleasure.

This beach looks as if it should be on a Greek island somewhere, in fact if the weather was better you would never need to go abroad.

Also The projectiles of Rock on the beach made it look like you were in another planet.

Watching the waves splashing against them was just fantastic and made you realise the power of nature.

Langamull beach, Isle of Mull

Langamull beach

One of Mull’s best kept secrets! The Mull Caribbean.

With just over a mile walk down to the beach you will get fabulous views of Rum and Skye, crystal clear blue water and lots of wildlife.

Probably much quieter than nearby Calgary.

North Coast of Iona


The North End of Iona is the biggest pull, with dazzling white sands and emerald seas.

Any visit must be about simply enjoying the beauty of this well tended little island, admiring the flower-filled gardens, listening for the elusive corncrake and strolling some of the finest shell sand beaches.

Get a bird’s eye view of the Abbey from the top of tiny Dun at 100m also the north coast of Ireland right up to the Skye Cuillin is visible on a clear day.

Ardalanish Bay Beach


Peaceful, seldom crowded, accessible along a very narrow track/road (so hope no car coming the other way).

It’s a breathtakingly spacious white sand beach, with interesting rocks at either end, those on the far right by the hill fort being best perhaps as a base for sheltered or private swimming.

Traigh Shiar, Vatersay

Traigh Shiar

A beautiful stretch of white sand and a few rocks. Climb the hills either side of the bay for lovely views!

Scarista, Isle of Harris


There are so many world class beaches in Harris but this is up there with the best.

Miles of glorious sand, turquoise sea and no-one else around. This beach is one of the most amazing to see. This could be in the Seychelles, golden sands which go on for miles and miles

Traigh Lar, Isle of Harris

Isle of Harris 22

The expansive beach provides stunning views across to the Isle of Taransay and towards the Harris Hills.

A great spot for bracing walks and at the north end of the beach, up a short, steep slope, which is rumoured to have been erected around 5,000 years ago, you will find the legendary standing stone of Clach MhicLeoid,

Luskentyre Sands, Isle of Harris

Luskentyre Beach

First visit to this beach may blow you away. On an exceptional sunny day, the colour of the water is breathtaking.

So unspoilt and vast in its beauty ,it is definitely worth a visit to walk along its length by the sea.

There is a small parking area with well maintained toilets. One of the top beaches in Scotland.

Mellon Udrigle, Wester Ross

Mellon Udrigle Beach

The beach is as beautiful as you could wish to find. The blue green water and the white sand make it one of the most relaxing places in Scotland.

Any time of the day,whatever the weather this place draws you in and the experience will stay with you.

Backed by dunes and framed by rocky promontories, Mellon Udrigle is one of the most attractive pieces of coastline in Wester Ross

Balnakeil Beach

Sand Dunes, Balnakeil Bay

Stunning long beach, probably more popular than some other beaches around here but from gorgeous views to windswept dunes and huge wave swept craggy rocks full of seabirds, this provides a wonderful hike on a sunny day.

Close to the craft village, the John Lennon Memorial Garden in Durness and Smoo Cave.



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  • Balnakeil Beach is another one of our beautiful beaches, please take the time to go for a walk and experience its beauty, you wont regret it.

  • Luskyntire is simply amazing .. the picture doesn’t do it justice as the colours are amazing. White sands and turquoise seas. Do take the road to its end so you can fully appreciate the beach’s real magnificence.

  • Camusdarach Beach is awesome, there is a very good car park with toilets a few minutes walk away from the beach. The scenery is stunning.

  • Luskentyre Sands looks stunning! It always amaze me how Scotland has beautiful beaches; if I would show some of these photos to my friends, I’m pretty sure they would say something like “ah is it Mallorca?” or “Looks like Italy”.

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